Satya Sanatana Dharma Exam


First Prize10000/

Second Prize 7000/

Third Prize 4000/

7 Incentive Awards1000/

Why Satya Sanatana Dharma Exam?

  1. To promote virtues and eliminate vices in the student body.
  2. Inspiration to enhance the ancient Sanatana Vedic moral values (Susanskara – Virtue and Sattvik).
  3. To foster a sense of mutual unity – closeness and friendship in all of us.
  4. Connecting the new generation with the lives and history of our great men.

Special Note

This exam can also be given through the medium of Hindi language.Every examine should first download “Vedic Academy App”.Study materials shall be provided on the vaidik app.

Humble prayer to you: For this Sanatana Dharma Gyan Prachar Yajna purpose,your support to engage many students is expected. Deliver this circular to theprincipal of the nearest school, try and inspire many students to join.

Exam Purpose Free Registration:


Technical Support: Vedic Academy

Everyone can participate in this Exam, shall be rewarded with Vaidik books.

Organizer: Arya Samaj Ludwa Amrit Mohotsav Planning Committee

For more information contact: 98213 77003 (Dilip Velani)


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